About pricing

American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning builds custom-designed systems that are right for you—at prices you’re comfortable with. HVAC pricing is not typically listed on HVAC manufacturers’ sites because there are a number of factors that gointo the estimate for a particular heating and cooling system:

  • One Size Does Not Fit All HVAC pricing can vary depending on variables like the size of your house and installation requirements—and even the climate conditions in your area
  • Make Friends Your local dealer is your best source for information about American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning prices, local promotions and government rebates that will help you save even more on your HVAC investment
  • House Calls An American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning dealer will visit your home and perform a thorough inspection to provide an assessment of your home comfort needs
  • Grow Old Together Replacing your whole system, including both indoor and outdoor components, will result in a more efficient, longer-lasting system that saves you money down the road

Take the next step in upgrading your home’s comfort. Find an independent dealer near you to get a quote on American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning pricing.