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Central Air Conditioning

Central air conditioning is defined as a system of connected components and ductwork that work together to circulate cool air throughout a home. Central air conditioning is also commonly referred to as central A/C and is the cooling system most commonly found in homes.

The most common setup for a central air conditioner system is called a split system. That means the air conditioning system consists of two parts; an indoor unit and outdoor unit. A split central air conditioner system includes:

  • Outdoor AC unit (fan, compressor, condenser coil).
  • Indoor AC unit (houses the evaporator coil and blower).
  • Ductwork

Central air conditioners don’t create cool air. They actually remove warm air from inside a room and then run that air through several components that compress and cool the air down. That air is then recirculated throughout the home. The cycle repeats as needed to and lower the temperature of your home.

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