Electric heat: Say goodbye to natural gas and hello to cleaner comfort

Control your home's comfort with more efficiency and less carbon waste. Discover how you may be able to create a more eco-friendly heating and cooling experience with American Standard's electric-powered systems.

What's electric heat?

Electric heating is a cleaner, more eco-friendly way to heat or cool your home without using natural gas. These systems use electricity to distribute warm or cool air throughout your home. Compared to traditional HVAC systems, they use far less energy to do their jobs, which can save you in monthly utility bills!

Electric systems you should know

heat pump

Heat Pumps

American Standard's energy-efficient heat pumps take energy from the air outside to heat your home in the winter. During the summer, they reverse that process, removing hot and humid air from your home so your rooms can feel cool. They're versatile systems that help you save energy and protect the environment at the same time.

hybrid system

Hybrid Systems

Pairing your heat pump with a gas furnace makes it a hybrid system - an energy-efficient, tag-teaming duo that keeps you comfortable year round. The heat pump handles heating your home until the weather gets too cold. That's when the furnace takes over to keep you warm for as long as you'd like.

What makes electric heating so energy efficient?

Electric heat pumps and hybrid systems use less energy than systems that burn natural gas for fuel. Heat pumps can transfer one-and-a-half to three times more energy into your home than they consume from your home, according to the Department of Energy. That can yield a big savings for you as your energy costs drop significantly.

house with clouds

Is electric heating more affordable than gas?

Generally, yes, but it really depends on your utility rates. Because heat pumps and hybrid systems are energy efficient by nature, they don't consume massive amounts of energy from your home to work properly. In colder temperatures, a hybrid system may be more energy-efficient. That's because the heat pump will hand over heating duties to the gas furnace once temperatures get too cold for the heat pump to efficiently heat your home. That's why you may find value in a hybrid system — it offers the best of both worlds, no matter the season.

Is electric heat the same as air conditioning?

No, it's not! Heat pumps closely resemble air conditioners, but they do very different things. As a cooling system, air conditioners only cool your home. They need to be paired with a gas furnace to provide heating. Heat pumps can heat and cool your home from a single self-contained unit. With a heat pump, you get two benefits rolled into one.